Retail Products


As a flagship product of our HealthFoil™ family,it introduces a series of products while ensuring the quality and hygiene of aluminium foils and semi rigid containers.

They are supplied to hotels, hospitals, restaurants, bake shops, cafés, canteens and caters for food packaging as well as serving.

Healthwrap™© ensures a longer shelf life without any stains, a non-sticky surface and preserves the temperature of the food. The ease of wrap and tear by a dedicated cutting edge pack leads to minimum wastage.

Kera Foil

Marudhar offers Kera foil, an essential tool for professional hairstylists. This thin Aluminium sheet plays a critical role in the process of colouring and highlighting hair, as well as in hair protein treatment. It ensures that specific sections are isolated with precision. This isolation guarantees precise and consistent results while simultaneously protecting the rest of the hair from any surplus dye or developer.