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Any kind of excellence is achieved only with knowledge and perseverance.

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40+ Years of Aluminium EXCELLENCE

Marudhar Industries is a pioneer in the Aluminium rolling sector, providing innovative and sustainable solutions for various domestic and commercial uses. Shri Santosh Jain, a remarkable visionary, founded Marudhar Industries Ltd. in 1982. His strong leadership and insightful vision laid the foundation for a successful and forward-moving endeavour.

At Marudhar, the key to success is quality control through years of experience and research. With over 40 years of experience, we are a leading national company that can perform all processes of Aluminium rolling under one roof, ranging from continuous strip casting to rolling and converting. This has helped us to maintain uniform quality standards and timely delivery for our customers.

In order to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, we have consistently upgraded our equipment and processes over the years. With our well-equipped facilities, we are able to provide a wide variety of Aluminium products that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Marudhar's integrated Aluminium manufacturing capabilities include strip casting, rolling, and foil converting, which has enabled us to manufacture a range of rolled products such as HVAC finstock, Closure stocks for pp caps, PCB entry sheets, pharmaceutical foils, food foil and Aluminium semi-rigid containers foils besides the general-purpose strips and coils.

We have diversified our business into flexible packaging to manufacture Blown PE films, flexible laminates, and a variety of pouches to meet the ever-growing packaging demand.

Odyssey & Legacy of Marudhar Industries

Shri Santosh Jain envisioned an E2E vertically integrated company with a parallel focus on metallurgy, equipment and process know-how. The business began with a single rolling mill and gradually integrated its casting, rolling, and converting activities.

Additionally, Mr Jain created and developed technical and metallurgical expertise for casting and rolling of aluminium. As a strong proponent of self-reliance, he ingrained a culture of technological know-how by developing equipment and processes in-house. He was noted for his commitment to capacity building and developing new products.

Further, he imparted training to his team at every level to enhance their capabilities. The team’s welfare was of Paramount Importance to him, and that concern was a part of every decision

Infrastructural Integration

Marudhar Industries Ltd. (MIL) is a pioneering enterprise in India that performs all three processes of casting, rolling and converting for aluminium under a single roof, covering an area of 16,344 square metres with a manufacturing capacity of 15,000 TPA.

Our production facilities are well-equipped with the necessary infrastructure, allowing us to create high-quality products cost-effectively within the agreed time frame to the satisfaction and standards of our clients. We employ a variety of equipment, including Tilting Rotary Furnaces, Molten Metal Treatment Systems, Strip Caster, Cold and Foil Rolling mills, Foil Slitters/Separators and various Heat Treatment Furnaces to increase production efficiency and conduct quality checks at each stage

Our production facilities are being constantly upgraded in line with our research and changing market requirements. We have also diversified into the flexible packaging business with 5-layer blown films facility, printing, laminating, and modern slitting and pouching equipment with a capacity of 10,000 TPA

Explore Our Journey

Established the framework for Industry 4.0 to include IOT, Machine learning



Operational excellence program established and great place to work program initiation

BIS 15392 - 2003 Certification, Addition of WMW roll grinding machine line



Health Foil series, HVAC Hydrophilic Coating line addition, Presented at INCAL2019

Installed five layer blown PE film plant form windmoller & holscher, Germany



Added another foil mil

Developed patented molten aluminium degasing system in collaboration with RedShift Engineering



Increased Melting/Casting Capacity

Added to 2 separators from kampf, Germany



Added 7-micron foil mill

Commissioning of second continuous strip caster



Installed New CRM

Foil products introduced & converting department established



Set up machinery division for manufacturing and maintaining, rolling and related equipment

Thin strips products added into portfolio



Continuous Strip Caster

Thin strips products added into portfolio



Started operations with 1st rolling mill

Marudhar industry started operation 1st aluminium roll product



Estd. as an aluminium trading co. in Kolkata

Core Purpose

In our quest to create long-term value for our stakeholders, we strive to be the leading manufacturer of rolled aluminium and flexible packaging products. Our people are empowered to drive innovation and excellence. As an organisation, we demonstrate world-class governance, safety, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Values & Cultures

As part of our commitment to ethics and transparency, we take responsibility for our actions and maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

We firmly believe that respect for one another, trust, empowerment and a sense of immediacy serve as our primary intangible assets and are motivated by the core principles of integrity and human centricity.


Research & Innovation


Human Centricity

Quality Assurance


Aluminium is a highly sustainable material that is recyclable indefinitely. Compared to primary Aluminium production, Aluminium recycling consumes only 5% of energy, making the process green.

At Marudhar, we continuously strive to reduce our impact on the environment by employing processes and technologies like solar power generation and air pollution control equipment.

EHS Standards

Minimal environmental impact, Zero waste, Zero discharge & Reduced carbon footprint

Marudhar Industries is committed to a human-centric culture and a sustainable approach. We adhere to stringent global environmental policies.

Our manufacturing facility has zero discharge capability along with recycling Aluminium for sustainability without emitting any harmful, toxic and hazardous substance. We partially power our manufacturing facility through solar energy, contributing to a Clean, Green and Lean Manufacturing Era.

We demonstrate a health-first attitude through our wellness foil range products - HealthFoil™, MediFoil™ and HygienePack.

Minimal environmental impact

Zero waste

Zero discharge

Reduced carbon footprint