Aluminium Coils

Printed Circuit Board Sheets.

These sheets are used to manufacture electronic circuit boards..We can supply PCB sheets in tight thickness and flatness tolerance with desirable surface finish.

Closure Stock.

MIL manufactures closure stock in AA 8011 alloy. Typical thickness ranges from 120 microns - 250 microns. We can supply it in coil as well as sheet form according to the customer’s requirement. Closure stock can be used in pilfer-proof caps and vial seals.

Foil Stock.

We can provide foil stock in AA 1000 , 1100, 1235 and 8011 alloys.
Foil stock is manufactured from our continuous cast coils manufactured under strict quality control. Upgradation of degassing system and filtration system enable us to manufacture foil stock capable of rolling up to 9 micron light gauge material. The foilstock has excellent surface finish and can be used for variety of applications including packaging and flexible laminate industry.


Finstock is primarily used in airconditioning and heat exchange applicatons.
We manufacture finstock in thickness of 100-210 microns and it can slit in required width.

Tread Plates / Pattern Sheets.

Tread plates are primarily used as flooring sheets in buses and train coaches to prevent skidding. These days they are also finding cosmetic usage in showrooms, stairways and malls. They are typically available in thickness ranging from 1 to 6 mm.
Pattern sheets are available in thickness of less than 1 mm.. They are typicall used for decorative purposes on walls and floors. Tread plates and pattern sheets are available in diamond and fivebar design.

Cold Rolled Coils/Sheets.

We manufacture cold rolled coils/sheets from continuous cast coils from our Strip Caster. The cast coils are cold rolled down to required thickness. The cold rolled coils are used in various applications such as transportation, construction and for insulation.
We also manufacture sheets in customized thickness, width and length. Major usage consist in construction and transportation industry.