Aluminium Foils

Light Gauge Foil.

Light gauge foil is a foil with thickness of less than 9 microns. This foil is used in many ways, such as capacitor foil, cigarette foil, tobacco packaging foil, and foil for flexible laminates.

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Lidding Foil.

We can provide a wide range of lidding foils suitable for sealing with a wide range of polymers and other substances.

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Cigarette Foil.

MIL manufactures plain and paper laminated foil, as per customer’s requirements, for cigarette packing.

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SRC Foil (Semi Rigid Containers).

MIL manufactures SRC foil in various thickness and alloy for high speed container machines

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Pharmaceutical Foil (as rolled).

MIL manufactures plain and paper laminated foil for cigarette packing as per customer's requirements.

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Poly-laminated Foil.

We manufacture P.L.F. for packing & pharmaceutical tablets/capsules, according to customer's specifications.

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Blister Foil.

We manufacture blister foil for packing tablets/capsules according to customer's specifications.

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A trusted name in the aluminum rolling industry, Marudhar Industries is now taking its first confident step into the household kitchens of India. For over three and a half decades, Marudhar has been manufacturing aluminum products for industrial use, and now it is all set to add a range of kitchen foils, bake-ware, crockery and containers to its repertoire..

Capacitor Foil.

Aluminium has been and is the preferred metal for capacitor electrodes whether used in rigid plate form or in varying thickness of foil for DC, AC Low voltage, high voltage, high frequency, high or low power, impulse discharge etc.

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Heat Exchange Foil.

We make foil strips for fin stock in both variants, plain and pre-treated/ Our fin stock is a premium range material product for air conditioners, coolers, evaporators, condensers, automotive and other heat exchange applications.

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